Study Clubs

Since 1986, Dr. Dornauer has provided continuing education to the dentists, physicians, and community through seminars, lectures, and hand-on learning.  He formed the DDS Club, Dornauer Dental Study Club, to provide regular education opportunities to the regional dentists.  He is most proud of introducing the dental community to dental implants since 1986, when many dentists thought dental implants were just “experimental.”  Because Dr. Dornauer had been thoroughly trained in dental implants since 1981, he knew they were far more than “experimental.”  He realized that they would truly help people in our area live better, healthier lives.

Dr. Dornauer is also a Faculty Club member with nationally recognized Spear Dental Education based in Scottsdale, Arizona.  He is co-leader of a local Spear Study Club and enjoys regular meetings with a group of ten to twelve dedicated dentists.