Robert J. Dornauer, DDS

Meet Dr. Dornauer

Dr. Dornauer has been a board certified oral & maxillofacial surgeon since 1986.  In preparation for this designation, Doctor earned a B.S. degree in Biology and Chemistry from Cleveland State University, an M.S. degree in Physiology and Zoology from Idaho State University, and a D.D.S. degree from the Ohio State University.  After fulfilling a scholarship obligation at The Ohio state University College of Dentistry, he entered the United States Public Health Service as a commissioned officer, Lieutenant-03 (like the Navy) and served as a hospital dentist at the Cass Lake Indian Hospital in northern Minnesota. After he completed his service obligation, he entered his four year specialty training at the Detroit-Mercy Hospital Association and Children’s Hospital of Michigan.  The specialty training in oral & maxillofacial surgery is rigorous with hospital-based surgeries and emergency room obligations in major hospitals, clinic training, and academics in medical and dental schools.  It is a full-time commitment where 80 hour work weeks are common.  During the training, one must pass written national board examinations and display proficiency in all phases of the specialty.  Upon completion of the residency training, one must pass a set of written examinations, present surgical cases in all areas of the specialty, and pass oral examinations.  The earliest time that these requirements can be met is two-years after completion of the specialty program.  Dr. Dornauer did complete his board certification in oral and maxillofacial surgery within two-years.  He also achieved board certification in dental anesthesiology.

Dr. Dornauer has practiced his specialty of oral & maxillofacial surgery since 1984.  He has performed all of the surgical procedures of his specialty as shown on this website.  He has changed the scope of procedures over the years as always as the practice environment has changed.  Throughout his career, Dr. Dornauer has been active in his professional and community organizations. From 2016 to 2017, he served as president of the Ohio Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, a premier organization representing oral and maxillofacial surgeons in Ohio. He has been on active medical staff at Mercy Hospital of Tiffin since 1986 and has served in various hospital leadership positions.  He has been elected and served twice as President of the North Central Ohio Dental Society. He has served as a delegate to the Ohio Dental Association and the American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons.  He has served as President of the Rotary Club of Tiffin, a club where he has been a member since 1986. He is a Paul Harris Fellow in Rotary.

Dr. Dornauer has remained skilled in all areas of his specialty and continues to evolve his expertise as new techniques become available.  In 1986, Dr. Dornauer brought dental implants to the area.  He has actively educated his dental colleagues in implants and other areas of dentistry and medicine.  He formed the DDS Club (Dornauer Dental Study) Club to facilitate the continuing education process for area dentists.  He is co-leader of a nationally recognized study club, Spear Study Club, and remains a Faculty Club Member at  the Spear organization.

Doctor and his wife, Angie, support numerous charitable causes in the area. They are originally from Cleveland, Ohio. They are active in physical fitness activities, especially outdoor activities. They enjoy water sports, bicycling, hiking, downhill and cross country skiing.  They love to travel and photograph their trips.  One can enjoy Doctor and Angie’s photographs and books in his offices.  Doctor and Angie have two sons, Matthew and Mark, who are creating their careers and family legacies.  Both are married.