Cone Beam CT Scan

ct scannerDr. Dornauer added cone beam 3D imaging to his practice in 2010 to enhance the precision of implant placement. When technology improved, he upgraded his cone beam 3D imaging machines in 2016.  He has state of the art units in his Tiffin and Fremont offices. This technology allows Dr. Dornauer to utilize state of the art technology to provide the best implant service to his patients. He will utilize the technology only when needed. He will never subject a patient to more radiation than is absolutely necessary. In order to insure the safety of his patients, he selected a focused field imaging unit to provide the information needed without extra radiation.

The 3D imaging also helps him locate difficult impacted teeth and pathologies. This new technology takes his practice to a new level of precision making diagnosis and surgery more accurate and less traumatic.

Doctor Dornauer loves his new digital imaging x-ray units. All x-rays taken at his office are digital. Ask him or his staff about the new technology to make his practice even better!